Sunday, 23 May 2010


Honey, I am home!

(Loose ends will follow.)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

19 - About clouds and more...

The ash cloud from Iceland has reached Cyprus. If not physically, then certainly in a practical sense.

In our last blog we said that we would have visitors. Even though our neighbours are friendly and we are welcomed everywhere with open arms, we looked forward to the coming of our family. First, S's brother and his wife. Fortunately, the weather these weeks was very well, so for them it became a real beach holiday.
The night before Tim would be coming the airspace in the Netherlands closed. For a long time it was uncertain whether one could fly from Germany so he left early by train to Düsseldorf.
Using mobile phone and text message we kept each other informed about progress; Tim as he actually experienced it and we following the news and information on the Internet. Nevertheless, the result was that Tim still had to take the train back to Eindhoven. Rebooking to Sunday? Unfortunately, that day it appeared no air traffic either.
The third attempt, for Tuesday, and again no luck. If we would have continued to try, the first opportunity would have been on Thursday, with an arrival at half past eleven in the evening. His departure was fixed for seven o'clock on Sunday morning. That would have been 2 days and 2.5 night in Cyprus. Too bad but it is the way it is.
At those moments you notice that you miss 'home' more than you realize. Not that we sat in sackcloth and ashes, but, let's say, optimism has suffered a dent.

Fortunately there is plenty to do here and if we are bored we even make shopping into a project.
That in itself is not so difficult. Each store has its own charms or delights. For the prices you do not need to compare. There seems to be a resale price maintenance. Everything is everywhere, with a few minor exceptions, the same price. So you choose on availability, accessibility and customer service (read: nice cashiers).
Driving from Girne to Lapta we sometimes make multiple stops: 

Hürdeniz: For fresh fish, coffee (Lavazza, espresso. We cant get it anywhere else.), wine and vodka.

Lemar: For Maaslander cheese. Is the largest supermarket

Tempo: for coconut and almond biscuits.

Bektas: For the non-food department, wooden spoons, dough roller / stick. 

 Bell: Only English frozen and canned food.

Ileli: Average range, nothing special but open just about 24 hours a day.

Starling 1: Best butcher, for both sheep and beef.

Atakara: In the first weeks our regular address, now a bit off route.

Ya Beles: Fruits, lots of fruits and vegetables. Only shop where you will be hugged on entry.
Eggs from the farm.

Starling 2: our most at hand supermarket for everyday things.

For reasons of privacy of those involved no pictures of the cashiers.