Saturday, 10 April 2010

18 - Two or Three.

Actually you do not talk about it, but this time we make an exception.
People who know us well will know that we share almost everything together, we love to work together and the two of us can spend days together without having to see anyone else.
Apparently its the same during this trip, but appearances are deceiving. Actually from Valkenswaard on we travel with the three of us. From time to time our companion surprises us with sensual allusions and she describes her desires.
Sometimes we ask her to be quiet for a while, but honestly we both think it is just nice when she opens her mouth again. And while doing so she gives us even goosebumps.
Seldom have we seen so much musicality, agitation, depth, profoundness, tragedy, self-awareness, denial, drama, crap, quality and feeling in one person. We like Amy Winehouse.

Given her lifestyle is not certain that there are many albums to follow, so we cherish and enjoy what is available as long as it can, you can't always listen to Pink Floyd. ;-)

Moreover, starting next Friday, there will be more people in our small house.
We already knew that S's brother and his wife would come from Istanbul to Cyprus because of the elections on April 18. They stay with us for a week. But, son Tim is also coming for a week! Friday we pick him up from the airport and 9 days later he will fly back. The week program is still open but we do anticipate his arrival when we shop for groceries.

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