Wednesday, 10 March 2010

1st - 4 February 2010

Last Thursday, Febr 4 we departed at half past eleven, at ease to Germany. A cool drive with here and there a ramp, but smoothly. It is not a limousine that Land Rover, but snorts as a sewing machine over the reichsbahnen and feels at 116 km per hour clearly in his element. Consider the extended stopping distance however, because of the weight increase by the steel additions and import / export ambitions of S do clearly feel. The estimated weight will be well over 3 tons. We might check it at colleague import / export company.
We drive into neatly measured stages of approximately two hours, then take a pee break, criticizing the local middle class, are finding out that we forgot to compare the fuel prices, but decide to refuel in Germany, of the highway.
Then the real mountains. Its dark early and snows lightly, but no traffic jams, so we drive through nice.
M at the wheel, is feeling king of the road.
Secretly that engine makes a lot of noise ...
Catching up over 100 is very slow ...
Earlier on the tachometer wasn´t that much lower at 110 km per hour?
To avoid unnecessary turbulence M says nothing, but squeezes the wheel a lot tighter...
The just filled diesel tank seems to shrink faster than before?
After a 100 kilometre almost a fourth stoked. M's eyes are shooting feverishly over the dashboard. As if that would help ..
By the way, that little ´3´ near the fuel gauge... what is that for?
The disadvantage of these automatic gear shift is that when you switch to the 'D' state it pushes very easy into third gear. This fixes the gearbox into 3rd. The light at the fuel gauge indicates its in 'D' or in 3 or 2 or 1.

It drives so pleasant when it switches to '4'....
Consumes a lot less as well ..
And another mental note richer.

The roads were well passable, it was not snowing dramaticly hard. The pace was pretty high. Only a small dispute between Eva and Victor still caused some concern. Victor had given us an ideal route, but Eva, from her TomTom perspective, had clearly a different view. So far both were unanimous, but when "Bregenz" appeared on the boards she definitely wanted us to drive towards Munich. Of course we initially followed Victor's advice. After 10 kilometre Eve was still trying to convince us with: "try to turn ". Even with the Van Gaal variant:" Are you guys so stupid, or am I so smart?”
We gave in. So 15 kilometre back, Eva's planned exit and follow her instructions. In the next town, Kempten, we found a small hotel, tried the local cuisine and went to sleep early.

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