Monday, 15 March 2010

10 - Radio report part 1

F(emale Host): This week in our program listeners wil ask questions to S and M who are travelling to Greece. Oh no, sorry, through Greece and I believe travelled through Turkey to Cyprus. S and M are listening to us and answers via a direct radio link from Nicosia.
Hi S and M, can you hear me?
S: Yes
M: Yes, loud and clear. Only we are not in Nicosia, but in Alsancak, (pronounced; Alsandzjak) a small town on the northern coast, near Girne.
F: Oh, on my note it says radio Nicosia, so I thought you are there. That's okay though. In Assensjak. Is there night as well?
S: In Alsancak it is one hours later than in the Netherlands. The evenings last longer, but morning light comes much earlier.
F: Is Assensjak a nice place?
M: Alsancak!
F: Yes, It is what I said, Assensjak, a nice place?
M: Not too much visible. It is still winter. But we have not been out much here. Last week was really bad weather with very much rain, thunder and lightning storm. Not just an hour, but consecutive days. There is no central heating mode and the warming mode of the airco was up to it. We literally slept under a pile of quilts and blankets to get and stay warm. Sometimes we took a drive by car to get warmed up. But that was not always easy because of the mud the sometimes road that were washed away and the flooding and detours.
S: Last week I went down briefly to Mersin, because of my mother's birthday and for papers to retrieve. Left on Thursday with the boat. Everyone on board was sick due to rough weather. When I wanted to return Friday there was no connection possible, it just blew too hard. I could Only come back Saturday.
F: That does not sound very comfortable. Now the weather is warm, right?
S: It is still, especially at night, very cold. By day the sun shines mostly and it is warms quickly, but it cools off significantly and our room was very humid.
F: That brings me to the first question from one of the listeners, L from V asks how you found a place to stay.
S: Beforehand, we found addresses on the Internet of organizations of people renting homes who are a part of year back in, mostly, England. Unfortunately, these homes are often expensive and you have to pay considerable additional costs. We found an address of a hotel, that rents 'villas' at more reasonable prices.
F: How expensive?
M: Between 300 and 400 British pounds per month, excluding water, gas and electricity.
We have chosen the hotel and are now in one of those villas. Although they often use very beautiful words for simple things.
It's just an apartment, sitting room with open kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom and toilet. The finishing could be better. Hahaha
F: Why are you laughing?
M: Because, for instance the sliding doors to the balconies, we have two, are not really burglar proof, but especially because there are no options to hang your towels, except for the large bar in the bathroom. Fortunately S brought these special suckers, so now we now have towels hanging in our bathroom as well as our kitchen. It makes it very homey.
S: However, Sunday we will move to a very nice house in Lapta, an authentic Cypriot house with ....
P: we are ready for our first music. On special request J from A,
The Singer With No name with 'Mandolins in Nicosia'.
De zangeres zonder naam met 'Mandolinen in Nicosia'.

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