Wednesday, 10 March 2010

5th - 8 February and the next days

The following day the weather is not well. Although it no longer snowing or raing, we do not see the sun. The Toll Road to Istanbul is of reasonable quality, but we have to keep an eye open for some big holes in the road.
Strange that Eve knows the way almost everywhere. In Greece all we did was change the maps and she chatted happily in order to lead us along the proper roads. Here in Turkey it is apparently more complicated. Last night we got all these confusing speed limits and now she thinks that the neighbourhood where S' brother lives is on the wrong side of the Bosporus. Wrong bank is here a different continent so it is to be careful. The traffic in Istanbul requires proper use of routes and schedules, because taking a false turn is no pleasure. Yet she persisted her obstinate mistake. Luckily S knows her way around the city and after she had put Eve back on the right track, we managed to park right in front of brothers' door step. Still pretty awesome.

Its so wonderful to have a days rest at your families. The groceries are picked up, the food cooked and the dishes done. A few visits and the battery is charged again for the last big stage. Wednesday morning the stuff back in the car, tires and oil checked and the fuel filled up. Wow, Diesel s expensive in Turkey! 1,50 Euro per litre.
The route takes us through the mountains just beyond to Ankara by a beautiful toll road. Today the sun shines, but the traces of the snow that fell in the past night are clearly visible. Again, no shortage of road salt. Information on local station taught us that the trains ran on time, there were no significant delays and our stories of square wheels on slippery rails due to autumn leaves were cause for great hilarity. Perhaps the standing committee of Transport can organize a trip to this country to see how it can be done in a civilized manner. They can also look at the road pricing system that works here, with chips in the car and a card system that can be charged at petrol stations. The only delay we had was due to the point that we had to buy such a card for the first time, but we could have done at such a petrol station. Whether it is flawless we don't know, but it's something you can do instead of debating about it for years and still do nothing.
(Indeed, I don't think much of Emiel Eurlings nor the ANWB.)

After Ankara, the road now became almost everywhere four-lane, just by laying another two-lane road next by them. Unfortunately, all holes in the old way are still there. The term "shake before use" now has a whole new meaning. But, as the LandRover can manage the Sahara it must also be able to handle this. It did. After removing a brief misunderstanding with Eva we conquered the Taurus Mountains and we are now at the Mediterranean Sea.

In short ....
We are having a great time.
The car is doing great. Only one of our contact keys broke down, we will try tomorrow to get it repaired in Adana.
The wind is blowing hard, but the sun can be seen regularly and it was 20 degrees today.
This weekend relax with the mother of S (they greet you all). A few other family visits, some work on the website (hopefully renewed in the air soon).

Until a next ... ..


Oh yeah, have a fun carnival!
Sebnem and Marte.

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