Monday, 15 March 2010

12 - Radio report part 3

F: These were the Mandolins from Nicosia, that today came from Assensjak.
I believe S some wanted to tell about the new house.
S: We have, in between thunderstorms, visited various estate agents. To see what is available for purchase and what is for rent.
F: Are houses expensive in Cyprus?
M: Here one has a lot more square and cubic meters for less money. Unfortunately it is not always clear who has the actual rights to the land and houses are often built into projects. They are mainly British expatriates who are buying houses and so they can sit nicely together. It looks as if entire Western European suburbs are transplanted into a previously little rustic peace of Cyprus. It should be illegal!
F: By the way S, what did you want to tell about that house?
S: I will get to that. When I cam back on Saturday, M showed me a strange looking restaurant in a village near here, in Lapta.
F: Why strange?
S: It was clearly restored, with beautiful stained glass windows, but outside many large ceramic vases, antique things and some clutter. Also two dogs, a few old cars, a lot of flower pots and firewood. It looks as it is closed, but seems to be open. An old Cypriot, military pants, red beret, comes out to feed the dogs with some leftovers from fish. M lowers the window and asks, in English, whether it is a real restaurant.
The man is quite excited, speaks English, Turkish and Greek together, is not drunk, maybe a little tipsy, but not much, and asks our names where we come from. We must come in.
M: Through the kitchen, which is indescribable, we walk into the restaurant. There are three older Englishmen, who had just eaten, at a table, and they compliment us ..
F: Compliment?
M: Yes, they congratulate us with the fact that we have found this place. Why we do not know, but it do is a peculiar place.
In short, we get something to drink, look around and make an appointment for the next day for dinner.
F: And have you been?
S: Yes. Sunday we ate there. All good things that the old man prepares himself, fresh wild asparagus with egg, a sort leaves, that look like spinach, in olive oil, salad, olives, fried cheese, beans, all starters before a delicious fish that was grilled in the stove. The man could appear just like that in TV program about eccentric people. A continuous “speech waterfall”, but someone with whom you can feel at home.
M: It appears that this man has a two sons who buy old Cypriot ruins and rebuilt them with authentic materials according to original designs to homes.
When I phoned them the next day, the man already knew that we wanted to come along, his father told him.
S: On Monday we first looked around with another Estate Manager. He offered us a true villa. A large furnished house, big kitchen, spacious living room, three bedrooms, CV, golf clubs, pool. All tiled and marbled. Between a couple of other equally big houses. The neighbours on the left side are not there, the neighbours on the right are a retired couple and English teachers who are always there. 400 Pound plus heating, electricity and water.
M: Nice house, but I also imagined what it would cost to get that place heated. Furthermore we do not actually want to live like that, but amongst people. And we mean real Cypriots.
S: So on Tuesday we went to the son. He is called Dogan (pronounced Do_an). Unfortunately, the building that we saw on the internet was just one day before, let for a whole year. That was a disappointment. We could see it. It was very nice. Oblong. On the first floor, storage space is below. Dining kitchen. Look at
It's just an authentic Cypriot house with ....
P: And we go to our next recording. I thought because S and M left from Brabant it is a fun idea fun for the Brabant troubadour Gerard van Maasakkers and "hee gaode mee" (Hey will you go along) to be heard.
Gerard van Maasakkers and "hee gaode mee”:

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