Wednesday, 10 March 2010

3rd - 6 February 2010

Saturday morning ..... No, no bright sunshine, a nice boat trip on the Grand Canal though, back to the garage. We even found a post office to pay the Tolbon, but that was still in the car.
Quickly did some maths and now we wonder if we still go back to Venice. Even without having an espresso at the San Marco Square.

On to the boat.
First in the row of the competing ferry company, seems they didn't spend too much money on clear signposts. Luckily we did end up on the right boat, the bottom deck, catching a lot of attention; everyone finds the steel bumpers and winch interesting. Then the elevator up, a real reception desk and a bellboy to show us to room, sorry hut 7001. Its in the middle of the ship, overlooking the foredeck.
A cabin with shower and toilet, in short; fully equipped.
Precisely 1 o'clock, it may also have been slightly later, we cast off and sail. Only a slight vibration that didn't stop until we reached Greece. Really soft humming, a bearable acceptable background sound. Only that rain and wind. They stopped only when we land on the grounds on Sunday, but not for long.

The ship was a ferry basic, no disco, casino or nightclub. Even the store could hardly have that name. The served however a delicious espresso in the lounge, with evenly so delicious chocolates. Plenty of staff; all men with only here and there (all in all 2) a woman. Passengers; most truck drivers and only one other couple (probably) and a lady driving along with a driver. So, not really the company that you think to spend a dazzling night with on a party boat.
Dinner in the restaurant was quite different from what we see on "the love boat “. No captains table, no sympathetic Doctor, no cocktails shaking stewards, no entertainment, only S and M being the only guests, a waiter who was very friendly and did try to make it an eventful evening. But the food quality price ratio was slightly limp, although our mood was excellent.
Another round on the deck, but was no glimpse of moon or stars to discover, so to bed early.

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